Pat Regan 





Pat Regan was born and raised in Southport Lancashire. He is a passionate professional author, artist, environmental/social campaigner, photographer and dedicated, life-long angler.

A countryman of various talents, the author was previously a tree surgeon and later become a surgical chiropodist, reflexologist and sports massage therapist. Pat is also involved in voluntary ecological work to improve local woodland spaces.

Pat is the father of four children and several grandchildren. He is also well-known in ufology and paranormal circles and has appeared on radio and television regarding these and other topics. The author is founder of PAN (Pagan Anti-Defamation Network). Over a period of several decades Pat has freely helped to educate countless people/groups in society about genuine aspects of Paganism.
He is passionate about helping others to achieve spiritual liberation away for the clutches of man-made faith systems.

Pat is also ever-eager to warn others about the dangers posed to social harmony by fundamentalism in society.