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Here are a few of the books I have written...
UFO Storm: International UFO Reports & Public Sightings

UK Amazon

US Amazon

The Pagan Dream Guide: Dreamtime Images Symbolism and Ancient Wisdom

American versions

US Hardcover edition

US Paperback edition


UK versions 

UK paperback edition

UK Hardback edition

Confessions of a Twenty-First Century Blogger

UK Paperback

US Paperback

Pagan Heritage: Spiritual Birthright of the British Isles


UK Paperback:


US paperback:


UFO: The Search Continues


UK Paperback:


US paperback:



The Devil Gods Best Friend 


US Paperback version


UK Paperback version



Peter Swift and the Secret of Genounia


UK version:


 US Version:



Fly Fishing on Wild Becks

UK paperback

US paperback



 UFO: The Search for Truth (2012, extended edition)


 UK Paperback version:


 US Paperback version:



The New Pagan Handbook - revised 2017 edition 


UK Site


 US Site


Dirty Politics


UK edition


US edition



The Torch and the Spear  


US Site

 UK Site



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